Media Cloud Platform


With the development of Web 2.0, Internet multimedia is emerging as a service. To provide rich media services, multimedia computing has emerged as a noteworthy technology to generate, edit, process, and search media contents, such as images, video, audio, graphics, and so on. For multimedia applications and services over the Internet, there are strong demands for cloud computing because of the significant amount of computation required for serving millions of users at the same time. Also, these applications and services need cloud computing to provide scalable parallel computing power to make huge amount of media content manageable.

In P3, we want to design a media cloud platform that is tailored for media applications and services. This platform should address the following questions:

1. How a cloud can perform distributed multimedia process and storage?

2. How a cloud can provide quality of service (QoS) provisioning for multimedia services?

3. In order to achieve various requirements, how many resources (CPU, GPU, RAM, Disk, etc.) do we need?

With this platform, multimedia application developers and services providers can easily leverage the power of cloud computing.​